Articles & Interviews

Here’s some press coverage from over the years:

Can you trust the people sitting next to you?
An interview with Tim Etchells - find on p20
December 2011

Tim Etchells on Performance
The Guardian
A regular diary piece started in October 2009

Shockingly brilliant - 25 years of theatre company Forced Entertainment
The Guardian
April 2009

New Art Blog
An interview with Tim Etchells by vvoi
July 2006

The Attraction of Taking Everything Away
Interview with Tim Etchells by Florian Maltzacher
February 2006

‘We go in and see what happens’
By David Tushingham
Financial Times
October 2004

The Crazy Gang
By Lyn Gardner
The Guardian
October 2004

Art: A forced entertainment
By Keith Gallasch
February 2004

Chasing Ruins: An interview with Tim Etchells
By Caridad Svich
Alternative Theater
September 2001

Forced Entertainment on Politics and Pleasure

By Michelle McGuire
Spring 1998

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